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The following list is a reworked version of Fukuyama's info pages at, at SAIS, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C. There, you will also find his biography.
Another overview of publications is here:

Francis Fukuyama was born 27 October 1952 in Chicago, Illinois.

The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of links to books, articles, op-eds etc. to publications by Francis Fukuyama. It is interesting to see developping Fukuyama's ideas in the chronology of his publications.
I also selected some recent critics and commentaries, but that is of course only a very small amount from what is around on the internet.


America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy Fukuyama New Haven: Yale University Press
Nation-Building: Beyond Afghanistan and Iraq Fukuyama ed. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press 2006-01
State-Building: Governance and World Order in the 21st Century Fukuyama Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press

Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution

Fukuyama New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux 2002
Information and Biological Revolutions:  Global Governance Challenges - Summary of a Study Group Fukuyama ed., Caroline S. Wagner Rand MR-1139-DARPA 1999  
The Great Disruption: Human Nature and the Reconstitution of Social Order Fukuyama New York: Free Press 1999
The End of Order Fukuyama London: The Social Market Foundation
ISBN 1874097860
The Virtual Corporation and Army Organization Fukuyama, Abram Shulsky Santa Monica: RAND Corporation MR-863-A 1997  
Trust: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity Fukuyama New York: Free Press 1995
The US-Japan Security Relationship After the Cold War Fukuyama, Kongdan Oh Santa Monica: RAND Corporation MR-283-USDP 1993  
The End of History and the Last Man
a new edition, with a new afterword, will be available in 2006
Fukuyama New York: Free Press 1992
Gorbachev and the New Soviet Agenda in the Third World Fukuyama Santa Monica: RAND Corporation R-3634-A


Soviet Civil-Military Relations and the Power Projection Mission Fukuyama Santa Monica: RAND Corporation R-3504-AF 1987-04  
Moscow's Post-Brezhnev Reassessment of the Third World Fukuyama RAND Corporation R-3337-USDP 1986-02  

RAND Corporation


Title Type Publication Publisher Date
After Neoconservatism pay New York Times Magazine,   2006-02
The Sources of American Conduct free The American Interest, vol. 1, no. 1, fall 2005.   2005-09
Human Biomedicine and the Problem of Governance   Perspectives in Biology and Medicine vol. 48 no. 2, Spring 2005, pp. 195-200   2005-03
Facing the Perils of Presidentialism?
with Björn Dressel and Boo-Seung Chang
  Journal of Democracy vol. 16, no. 2, April 2005, pp.102-116   2005-04
Economic, Political, and Cultural Consequences of Changes in Generational Relations   Intergenerational Solidarity, Welfare and Human Ecology, Mary Ann Glendon, ed., Vatican City: Proceedings of the X Pontifical Academy of the Social Science 2004-04-29
'Stateness' First   Journal of Democracy vol. 16, no. 1, 2005, pp. 84-89   2005-01
Re-Envisioning Asia reg Foreign Affairs vol. 84, no. 1, Jan-Feb. 2005
(available for New York Times registrars)
How Academia Failed the Nation: The Decline of Regional Studies free SAISphere Winter 2004   2004-12
Why There is No Science of Public Administration   Journal of International Affairs vol. 58, no. 1, Fall 2004, pp. 189-202   2004-09
Does 'the West' Still Exist?   Beyond Paradise and Power: Europe, America, and the Future of a Troubled Partnership,
Tod Lindberg, ed.
New York: Routledge
ISBN: 0415950511
Transhumanism reg Foreign Policy September-October 2004   2004-09
The Neoconservative Moment pay The National Interest no. 76, Summer 2004   2004-06
The Imperative of State-Building   Journal of Democracy 15 no. 2, April 2004.   2004-04
Nation-Building 101 pay The Atlantic Monthly 293, Jan.-Feb. 2004   2004-01
Still Disenchanted? The Modernity of Postindustrial Capitalism free CSES Working paper
(also in The Economic Sociology of Capitalism, in Victor Nee and Richard Swedberg, eds., 2005)
Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press 2003-02
The Ground and Nature of Human Rights: another Round
with William Schulz and Robin Fox
pay The National Interest no. 68, Summer   2003-01
Has History Started Again?
free Policy, Winter 2002   2002-12
Has History Restarted Since September 11?
(The Nineteenth Annual John Bonython Lecture)
free Centre for Independent Studies, Occasional Paper no. 81, August 2002.   2002-08
Modernizing Islam
with Nadav Samin
pay Commentary Magazine, December 2002   2002-12
Can Any Good Come of Radical Islam?
with Nadav Samin
pay Commentary Magazine, Sept. 2002   2002-09
Holes in Our Gene Policy Bloomberg Personal Finance, Sept. 2002
(magazine was shot down end 2002)
In Defense of Nature, Human and Non-Human reg World Watch, July/ August 2002, pp. 30-32   2002-07
Life, but Not as We Know It pay New Scientist   2002-04-20
Gene Regime pay Foreign Policy, March/April 2002   2002-03
Social Capital and Development: The Coming Agenda free SAIS Review vol. XXII no. 1, Winter-Spring 2002   2002-01
How to Regulate Science
(excerpt from Our Posthuman Society)
free The Public Interest, no. 146, Winter   2002
Differing Disciplinary Perspectives on the Origins of Trust   Boston University Law Review 81, No. 3   2001-06
The Limits of Liberal Democracy   The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World, Joel Krieger, ed. Oxford University Press 2001
Natural Rights and Human History pay The National Interest no. 64, Summer   2001
Social Capital, Civil Society, and Development   Third World Quarterly 22, no. 1   2001
Comparing East Asia and Latin America: Dimensions of Development
with Sanjay Marwah
  Journal of Democracy vol. 11 no. 4, October 2000   2000-10
Don’t Do It, Britannia
essay and review of Tom Nairn "After Britain"
  Prospect   2000-05
Social Capital and Civil Society   IMF Working Paper WP/00/74   2000-04
Comment on “American Power - For What?”   Commentary Magazine   2000-01
The March of Equality   Journal of Democracy vol. 11 no. 1, Jan. 2000   2000-01
Social Capital   Culture Matters, in Lawrence Harrison and Samuel P. Huntington, eds. Basic Books 2000
Der unprogrammierte Unmensch Die Gegenwart der Zukunft Berlin: Verlag Klaus Wagenbach
Asian Values, Korean Values, and Democratic Consolidation   Institutional Reform and Democratic Consolidation in Korea, L. Diamond and D. C. Shin, eds., Chapt. 12, pp.305-334 Stanford:  Hoover Institution Press
ISBN: 0817996923
Asian Values in the Wake of the Asian Crisis free The Review of Korean Studies 2 Conference on Democracy, Market Economy and Development in Seoul, Korea, February 1999 1999-09
How to Remoralize America   The Wilson Quarterly   1999-07
The Great Disruption: Human Nature and the Reconstitution of Social Order The Atlantic Monthly   1999-05
Asian Values and the Current Crisis
  Development Outreach 1, no. 1, Summer   1999
Second Thoughts: The Last Man in a Bottle The National Interest, Summer 1999   1999
Women and the Evolution of World Politics   Foreign Affairs 77 no. 5   1998-09/10
Asian Values and the Asian Crisis   Commentary Magazine   1998-02
Response to Stewart Mallaby   The National Interest, Spring 1998   1998
Is It All In the Genes?   Commentary Magazine   1997-09
Comment on 'Is There a Worldwide Conservative Crackup?'   The Weekly Standard, Aug.25-Sept. 1, 1997   1997-08-25
The Illusion of Exceptionalism   Journal of Democracy vol. 8 no. 3, July 1997   1997-07
Comment on 'The Future of Conservatism'   Commentary Magazine   1997-02
E-Commerce and the Problem of Trust   Merrill Lynch Forum   1997?
Falling Tide: Global Trends and US Civil Society   Harvard International Review 20, no. 1, Winter   1997/98
The East Asian Prospect: The Illusion of Exceptionalism   Journal of Democracy vol. 6 no. 2, April 1995
Trust Still Counts in a Virtual World   Forbes ASAP, 1996-12-02   1996-12-02
Comment on The National Prospect   Commentary Magazine   1995-11
Social Capital and the Global Economy   Foreign Affairs 74 no. 5   1995-09/10
Confucianism and Democracy   Journal of Democracy, Vol. 6, no. 2   1995-04
The Primacy of Culture   Journal of Democracy, Vol. 6, no. 1   1995-01
On the Possibility of Writing a Universal History   History and the Idea of Progress, Arthur M. Melzer, Jerry Weinberger, and M. Richard Zinman, eds. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press 1995
Virtue and Prosperity   The National Interest, No. 40, Summer   1995
Immigration   The New Promise of American Life, Lamar Alexander and Chester E. Finn, Jr., eds. Indianapolis, IN: Hudson Institute 1995
Die Zukunft des Krieges (The Future of War)   Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin, no. 772
Against the New Pessimism   Commentary Magazine, Vol. 96. no. 2   1994-02
Reflections on 'The End of History' Five Years Later   After History: Francis Fukuyama and His Critics, Timothy Burns, ed. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield 1994
Neyasnost' Natsional'nogo Interessa (The Ambiguity of National Interest)
  Rethinking Russia's National Interests, S. Sestanovich, ed. Washington: CSIS 1994
Great Planes   The New Republic   1993-09-06 
Immigrants and Family Values   Commentary Magazine, Vol. 95, no. 5   1993-05
The Modernizing Imperative   The National Interest, No. 31, Spring   1993
Neyasnost' Natsional'nogo Interessa (The Ambiguity of National Interest)   Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Moscow)   1992-10-16
Comment on Ghia Nodia   Journal of Democracy, Vol. 3, no. 4   1992-10
The Beginning of Foreign Policy   The New Republic   1992-08-17
Capitalism and Democracy: The Missing Link   Journal of Democracy, Vol. 3, no. 3   1992-07
Comment on Is America on the Way Down?   Commentary Magazine   1992-05
Comment on Stankevich   The National Interest, No. 28   1992
Liberal Democracy as a Global Phenomenon   Political Science   1991-12
Democratization and International Security   New Dimensions in International Security, Adelphi Paper No. 266 London, International Institute for Strategic Studies 1991?
The Next South Africa   The National Interest, No. 18, Summer   1991
A Reply to My Critics   The National Interest, No. 16, Winter   1989/90
The End of History?   The National Interest, Summer   1989
Discord or Cooperation in the Third World?   Coping with Gorbachev's Soviet Union, CSIS Significant Issues Series, Vol. X, No. 9 Washington, D.C., CSIS 1988
The Cycles of Soviet Third World Policy   Problems of Communism   1987-09/10
The Political Character of the Overseas Empire   The Future of the Soviet Empire, in Henry Rowen and Charles Wolf, eds New York: St. Martin's Press 1987
Soviet Military Power in the Middle East; or, Whatever Became of Power Projection?   The Soviet-American Competition in the Middle East, S. Spiegel, M. Heller, and J. Goldberg, eds. Lexington,MA: Lexington Books 1987
Asia in a Global War   Comparative Strategy, Vol. 6, no.4   1987
Gorbachev and the Third World   Foreign Affairs, Vol. 64, no.4, Spring   1986
Soviet Experience with Cooperative Forces   RAND N-2325-USDP
(also in Developing Cooperative Forces in the Third World, Charles Wolf and Katherine Watkins, eds., publ. Lexington, MA, Lexington Books, 1986)
U.S.-Soviet Interactions in the Third World   RAND OPS-004
(also in U.S.-Soviet Relations: The Next Phase,  in Arnold L. Horelick, ed, publ. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1986)
Military Aspects of the U.S.-Soviet Competition in the Third World   RAND P-7164
(also in East-West Tensions in the Third World, Marshall D. Shulman, ed. publ. Norton, 1986)
The Rise and Fall of the Marxist-Leninist Vanguard Party   Survey, Vol. 29, No. 2, Summer   1985
Escalation in the Middle East and Persian Gulf pay RAND P-7021
(also Hawks, Doves, and Owls, Graham Allison, Albert Carnesale, and Joseph Nye, eds., publ. Norton 1985, ISBN: 0393303292)
A Systematic Soviet Strategy for the Third World? pay RAND P-6965, February 1984
(also in The Red Orchestra, Dennis Bark ed., publ.Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, ISBN: 0-8179-8082-2)
(also in The Soviet Union and the Third World: The Last Three Decades, Fukuyama ed., with Andrzej Korbonski, Chapter 2, publ.Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1987, ISBN: 0801420326 )
The New Marxist Leninist States and Internal Conflict in the Third World free RAND P-7020
(also Third World Marxist-Leninist Regimes: Strengths, Vulnerabilities, and U.S. Policy, Uri Ra'anan et. al. publ.:Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis Special Report,1985, ISBN: 0080331602 )
Pakistan Since the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan   U.S. Strategic Interests in Southwest Asia, Shirin Tahir-Kheli, ed.
ISBN: 0030620430
Praeger 1982
The Soviet Threat to the Persian Gulf   RAND Corporation P-6596   1981-03
The USSR and the Middle East
with A.S. Becker
  Middle East Contemporary Survey, Vol. IV   1981
The Security of Pakistan: A Trip Report   RAND Corporation N-1584-RC   1980-09
The Future of the Soviet Role in Afghanistan: A Trip Report   RAND Corporation N-1579-RC   1980-09
The Soviet Union and Iraq Since 1968   RAND Corporation N-1524-AF   1980-07
Nuclear Shadowboxing: Soviet Intervention Threats in the Middle East free

RAND Corporation N-1577-FF
(also as Orbis, Fall 1981)
this is Fukuyama's dissertation

New Directions for Soviet Middle East Policy: Implications for the Atlantic Alliance pay RAND Corporation P-6443
(also in The Middle East and the Western Alliance, Steven L. Spieger ed., publ. Allen & Unwin 1982, ISBN: 0043270670)
A New Soviet Strategy pay Commentary Magazine, October 1979   1979-10
Egypt and Israel After Camp David
with Steven J. Rosen
  Current History, January 1979   1979-01


Testimony on Human Cloning 2001-06-20


We Have Reached the End of History by Maxim Jean-Louis Aurora Online 2001


Rajan Menon, Soviet Power and the Third World Political Science Quarterly 1987 Summer
Gregory Treverton, Covert Action The New Republic 1987-12-21
Joel Kotkin, Tribes The New Republic 1993-04-19
Mark Juergensmeyer, A New Cold War? Religious Nationalism Confronts the Secular State The Journal of Democracy 1993-10
Max Singer and Aaron Wildavsky, The Real World Order Times Literary Supplement 1993-11-30
Thomas Sowell, Race and Culture The National Interest 1994 Winter
Michael Ignatieff, Blood and Belonging New York Times Book Review 1994-04-10
Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Civil Wars: From LA to Bosnia New York Times Book Review 1994-10-09
Ernest Gellner, Conditions of Liberty Times Literary Supplement 1994-10-28
Peter Huber, Orwell's Revenge: The 1984 Palimpsest The Economist Book Review 1995-02
Tony Smith, America's Mission The New Republic 1995-02-06
Peter Brimelow, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster National Review 1995-05
Elie Kedourie, Hegel and Marx: Introductory Lectures Times Literary Supplement 1995-09-29
Charles Reich, Opposing the System New York Times Book Review 1995-11-26
Robert D. Kaplan, The Ends of the Earth Commentary 1996-04
Immanuel Wallerstein, After Liberalism; John Gray, Enlightenment’s Wake; Steven Kautz, Liberalism and Community Times Literary Supplement 1996-05-10
Roy Beck, The Case Against Immigration; Chilton Williamson, The Immigration Mystique New York Times Book Review 1996-09-01
Samuel P. Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order The Wall Street Journal 1996-11-07
Derek Bok, The State of the Nation: Government and the Quest for a Better Society New York Times Book Review 1997-02-02
William Greider, One World, Ready or Not: The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism The Weekly Standard 1997-01-27
Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash and The Diamond Age The Weekly Standard 1997-04-21
Adam Seligman, The Problem of Trust The Washington Times 1997-10-19
James Nolan, The Therapeutic Society The Public Interest 1998 Summer
James Chace, Acheson: The Secretary of State who Created the American World New York Times Book Review 1998-08-23
Charles Griswold, Adam Smith and the Virtues of Enlightenment The Public Interest 1999 Summer
Daniel Bell, The Coming of Postindustrial Society, Special Anniversary Edition The National Interest 1999 Winter
Danielle Crittenden, What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us The Wall Street Journal 1999-01-26
Deepak Lal, Unintended Consequences: The Impact of Factor Endowments, Culture, and Politics on Long-run Economic Performance Times Literary Supplement 1999-06-18
Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree The New Statesman 1999-07-05
Susan Faludi, Stiffed:  The Betrayal of the American Man The Wall Street Journal 1999-09-24
Robert Wright, Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny The Wilson Quarterly 2000 Winter
Stephanie Gutmann, The Kinder, Gentler Military Commentary 2000-02
Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community The Washington Post 2000-05-28
George Gilder, Telecosm Commentary 2000-10
Robert F. Byrnes, ed., After Brezhnev. American Spectator 1983?
Andrew Cockburn, The Threat: Inside the Soviet Military Machine. American Spectator 1983?
James Fallows, National Defense. American Spectator 1981?
Curtis Cate, The Ides of August. American Spectator 1981?
Nadav Safran, Israel: The Embattled Ally American Spectator 1981?


Editorial commentaries published in newspapers and magazines

After Neoconservatism pay 2006-02-19 The New York Times Magazine  
A Year of Living Dangerously reg 2005-11-02 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal) to comment in my blog
Asia's Democratic Values reg 2005-05-29 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
The Calvinist Manifesto reg 2005-03-13 The New York Times  
The Next Chapter reg 2004-04-24 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
Our Foreign Legions reg 2004-01-31 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
The Real Intelligence Failure reg 2003-08-05 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
Housekeeping, Post-Saddam reg 2003-04-20 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
Beyond Our Shores reg 2002-12-24 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
Can Any Good Come Of Radical Islam? reg 2002-09-12 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
The Fall of the Libertarians reg 2002-05-02 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
History Is Still Going Our Way reg 2001-10-05 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
No Dupes reg 2001-08-05 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
President Paradox reg 2001-01-18 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
What Divides America reg 2000-11-15 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
Now Let's Catch the Real Spy reg 2000-09-23 The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)  
Regular op-ed writer for the Wall Street Journal
various other op-ed pieces in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Newsday, Guardian (UK), Telegraph (UK), Financial Times (UK), Times (UK), Le Point (France), Le Monde (France), Le Figaro (France), Mondo Economico (Italy), La Stampa (Italy), Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), La Repubblica (Italy), Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), Die Zeit (Germany), Suddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Australian Financial Review (Australia), El Pais (Spain), El Mundo (Spain), Mainichi Shimbun (Japan), Sankei Shimbun (Japan), Global Business (Japan), NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands) De Groene Amsterdamer (Netherlands), Chosun Ilbo (Korea), Kyung Hyang Daily News (Korea) and Joong An Daily News (Korea).

A Selection Of Critics

Islam, Democracy & Assimilation 2005-11-02 Andrew C. McCarthy National Review The Calvinist Manifesto 2005-03-13
Francis Fukuyama: The Protestant Ethic in an age of Islamic Terrorism 2005-03-13 Amardeep Singh   The Calvinist Manifesto 2005-03-13
Fukuyama on Trust and Recognition 2003-05 Andy Blunden   The End of History and the Last Man 1992
Francis Fukuyama & the end of history 1992-02 Roger Kimball The New Criterion Vol.10, No.6 The End of History and the Last Man 1992


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